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Below you will find information to help you understand how the addition of a 4-story hotel will impact the neighborhood

PL22-143 Staff Report and Attachments (1) 10.jpg

How will the lot be landscaped?

The current application outlines the removal of 351 trees from the 6-acre property.  These 351 trees are being replaced by 21 trees and XXX shrubs.  The minimum required by the City is 19 trees.  Why is that number so low for such a large building?  That is a good question to ask the Planning Commission.

Why do I care?

Precedence.  Kinseth Hotel Corporation owns approximately 30 acres along Sundby Rd and is currently developing 6 of those acres.  Should the Planning Commission approve this application as it currently exists, they will be setting precedence for those remaining 24 acres.

Is it like this anywhere else?

No, not adjacent to a Rural Residential-1 zoned neighborhood.  But unfortunately, there are hotels neighboring residential properties in Duluth.  As you can see, 19 trees doesn't do much to protect the neighboring properties.


View of Marriot Residence Inn on W. Myrtle St. taken from Google

Below are images of a massing and impact model developed by a Duluth Heights resident.  These drawings are not required by the City.  All information depicted, including scale, are per the application and have been drawn in Revit 2023..

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